The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

“Sarah-Lucy Hill is excellent as the gossipy Lottie, playing well off her milquetoast husband Morris, played with distinction by John Arthur Lewis…[her] fast-talking hyper-energetic demeanor masks an inner sadness over her crumbling marriage; ” -Performink

Light Up the Sky

“Black’s lovely wife Francis, a famous figure skating star, is played with a Billie Holiday nasality by area newcomer, Sarah-Lucy Hill. She not only holds her own with Frankel, but commands a couple of terrific scenes with veteran actress Lauren Miller.” -Chicago Theatre Review

The Importance of Being Earnest

 “Sarah-Lucy Hill made the perfect Gwendolyn, Casey William Walker a brilliant Jack, and the two together made for a hilarious combination…Hill’s performance of the wistful, ladylike Gwendolyn was splendid.”  -Front Row Reviewers

A Roof Overhead

 “Sarah-Lucy Hill is likely the strongest actor in the cast…”  -Utah Theater Bloggers

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

 “Webb (as Helena) and Hill (as Hermia) both gave real definition to their characters. Webb played a truly lamentable and ill-used Helena while Hill’s Hermia was almost the opposite, bubbling her way to puppy-love filled, romantic elopement heaven.”   -Utah Theater Bloggers

Much Ado About Nothing

 “I admired Beatrice’s fiery personality and the fluidity in which her speech confronted her foes.”   -Utah Theater Bloggers

Prometheus Unbound

“Sarah-Lucy Hill plays Phoebe as earnest, sincere, and above all very real.”   -Front Row Reviewers