About Me

I was raised in a somewhat typical Mormon family as the oldest of five children.  I frequently have to remind my friends that, no, I did not in fact grow up in Utah, but was actually raised in the liberal enclave of Sacramento, CA.  This may explain my fierce liberal politics and feminism–then again, it may be the red hair.

After being the annoying know-it-all Hermione of my high school, my interest shifted abruptly from academics to the arts in my senior year.  This was largely due to a reading of The Crucible in my English class, where I insisted on reading John Proctor in the final scene, much to the chagrin of my class mates.  After that deeply cathartic (for me) and emotionally scarring (for my class) experience, I ran screaming to the theater department and never looked back.  My dad may or may not have cried when I told him I was planning to major in Theater instead of Pre-Law, but I had to follow my heart.  I did not, in fact, want to be a lawyer; I merely wanted to be on Law & Order.  My dad came around.

Since moving to Chicago I’ve worked on numerous films and done lots of stand-up comedy and theater.